industrial camera

Industrial USB3 & GigE vision cameras

We offer industrial cameras with interfaces such as USB3, GigE, 2.5 GigE, 5GigE and 10GigE. Most of our cameras are integrated with Sony IMX sensors, these sensors the strongest sensors on the market. We also offer industrial USB 3 and GigE cameras with Gpixel and Onsemi sensors. We offer cameras with resolutions ranging from 0.4 MegaPixel up to 150 Megapixel. We have an industrial USB 3 and GigE camera for every application.

industrial c-mount lens

Lenses, M12, C-mount, F-mount and telecentric

Industrial cameras need to be fitted with a lens, there are a number of different lens mounts specific to the camera including M12, c-mount or f-mount lenses. A variety of focal lengths are available in our product portfolio. With the help of our online lens calculator, you can select the right focal length for your lens. We support a variety of sensor sizes, small, large and high resolution image sensors. For high accuracy measurements we offer telecentric lenses. For microscopy we have microscopic lenses. If you can't find the right lens on our website, we can even produce a custom M12, C-mount or F-mount lens for your application.

machine vision barlight

Machine Vision Lights

We offer many different machine vision lights. These LED lights are available in White, Blue, Green, Red and IR. We can also deliver them in custom wavelengths. The most commonly used machine vision lights are bar lights and ring lights. Additionally, a wide portfolio of dome lights, darkfield lights, coaxial lights and backlights are available. If you have special requirements we can make a fully customized light solution. Both for small quantities as well as high volume machine vision lighting projects.

VA Imaging: Supplier of industrial machine vision cameras, lenses and lighting

VA Imaging is the new brand name of GeT Cameras; a well-known value-added reseller of machine vision cameras, lenses and lighting. Selling points of VA imaging are:

  • Strong portfolio & low prices
  • Excellent support
  • Industrial quality & longevity

The head office of VA Imaging is located in The Netherlands. With regional sales offices in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, we focus on sales of machine vision cameras, lenses and lighting in the Europe, Middle East, Africa, North and South America.

Why choose VA Imaging as your industrial camera supplier?

Industrial cameras are the eyes of your machine or product. They are a key component in your development. We understand how important the camera selection is for you. Therefore, we provide great support in selecting the best industrial camera for your application. We discuss your requirements and select an industrial camera that has the best price / performance ratio for you.  

Why switch from industrial camera manufacturer?

VA Imaging provides the best price / performance cameras in the market. The main reasons customers switch to our products are:

  • Pay less for a machine vision camera of similar (European) quality 
  • Fastest delivery times (even with worldwide shortages)
  • Quick response time (immediate response on emails and phone calls)
  • Customization of a variety of products for both high and low quantities
  • A 3 year industrial camera warranty instead of the 2 year industry standard
  • Our machine vision cameras have the newest sensors implemented
  • A large product portfolio of cameras, lenses, lighting, housings and more

These are the most common reasons why customers switched to VA Imaging. Order your machine vision cameras, lenses and lighting with our online store now.